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complex characters in a novel

Create Memorable Characters with ChatGPT

Complex yet relatable characters are just a few prompts away. When it comes to writing fiction, your plot may be what drives the story forward, but it’s your characters who will capture your readers’ hearts and imagination. Without a relatable and complex cast, a story can fall flat and fail to leave a lasting impression. Luckily, ChatGPT is a great tool for creating more fully… Read More »Create Memorable Characters with ChatGPT

a mix of fantasy characters in a fantasy pub, telling stories

7 Prompts for Using ChatGPT To Write LitRPG

The Genre LitRPG is a relatively new genre in fiction-land but one I’m seriously in love with. Take almost any other genre–especially high fantasy, cyberpunk, and harem romance–and mix it with gaming mechanics like stats and leveling up and you’ve got yourself LitRPG. If you want some examples of some LitRPG books, check out this Goodreads “Best LitRPG Books” list. I couldn’t think of a… Read More »7 Prompts for Using ChatGPT To Write LitRPG