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woman working on a laptop, writing in a futuristic setting, created with midjourney

Midjourney Saved My Writing Career

It could save yours too. I’ve been writing fiction for a while now. I started taking it seriously around 2010, wrote a couple of bad books that are still wasting away in drawers because they are terrible. But eventually I got better and between 2012 and 2019 I published ten books, mostly romance and women’s fiction. Starting in 2020 I hit a major wall. The pandemic… Read More »Midjourney Saved My Writing Career

cute robot talking to robot plants

“Dear ChatGPT”: Stuck in the Middle with ChatGPT

Welcome, fellow creators, to “Dear ChatGPT,” your go-to column for all things writing and creativity! As part of this regular series, I’ll be teaming up with my AI sidekick, ChatGPT, to tackle the tough questions you have about writing, inspiration, and the creative process. Our mission is to provide you with thoughtful advice that helps you navigate the fascinating world of words and imagination.  Each… Read More »“Dear ChatGPT”: Stuck in the Middle with ChatGPT