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Love at First Write: 25 Unforgettable Romance Prompts to Inspire Your Next Bestseller

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There comes a time in every fiction writer’s life when they need a new idea. Maybe you finished the piece you were working on and need something new (congrats!). Or maybe you need something fresh to spark your interest. When this happens, one of the best ways to get started again (at least for me) is to skim some writing prompts to see if anything grabs my attention. This is what I had in mind when I created the list of romance prompts below.

The prompts were all created with romance writing in mind, and pit two very different personalities against each other in interesting ways. But even though they were created for romance, these prompts might also work for women’s fiction, historical fiction, or literary work. You be the judge! I hope you find these great romance prompts useful to get those writing fires burning again!

And if you need help brainstorming about your characters once you do decide on a new project, check out my post about creating memorable characters using ChatGPT.

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The Romance Prompts

  1. Write a story where a successful entrepreneur and a passionate environmental activist find themselves working together on a project that will impact their community. How do their conflicting priorities eventually lead to understanding and love?
  2. Create a romance between a meticulous event planner and a spontaneous musician who are forced to collaborate for a high-profile wedding. How do they learn to embrace each other’s differences and fall in love?
  3. Write a story about a world-renowned scientist and a local journalist who clash over a groundbreaking discovery. As they uncover the truth together, how do their initially opposing views bring them closer?
  4. Develop a romance between a driven lawyer and a charismatic artist who find themselves as neighbors in a charming apartment building. How do their contrasting lifestyles and chance encounters lead to love?
  5. Write a story about a dedicated doctor and a holistic healer who must work together to treat a mutual friend. How do they find common ground and fall for each other?
  6. Create a romance between a rising politician and a passionate social worker who fight for opposing causes. As they learn more about each other’s motives and values, how do they grow to love one another?
  7. Write a story about an introverted librarian and an extroverted party planner who must join forces to organize a charity event. How do their contrasting personalities complement each other and lead to love?
  8. Write a story about a tech-savvy programmer and a nature-loving park ranger who meet during a digital detox retreat. How do their opposing lifestyles lead to unexpected love?
  9. Create a romance between a strict, by-the-book detective and a rule-bending private investigator who are forced to collaborate on a high-profile case. How do they come to respect and love each other?
  10. Write a story about a talented chef and a notorious food critic who must work together to save a struggling restaurant. How do their initial clashes turn into a passionate romance?
  11. Develop a romance between a driven real estate agent and a sentimental homeowner who must team up to save a historic property. How do they find love amidst their conflicting goals?
  12. Write a story about a no-nonsense accountant and a free-spirited yoga instructor who inherit a shared property. How do they navigate their differences and fall in love while managing their new asset?
  13. Create a romance between a corporate executive and a small-business owner who fight over a shared business space. How do their initial hostilities transform into a loving relationship?
  14. Develop a romance between an organized travel agent and a spontaneous backpacker who find themselves on the same group tour. How do their adventures and challenges bring them closer together?
  15. Write a story about a no-nonsense personal trainer and a fun-loving dance instructor who must collaborate to create a new fitness program. How do their opposing approaches to wellness lead to a loving connection?
  16. Write a story about a practical architect and a visionary landscape designer who are assigned to collaborate on an innovative urban development project. How do their differing visions ultimately lead to a deeper understanding and love?
  17. Develop a romance between a career-driven journalist and an easygoing photographer who are assigned to cover a high-stakes news story. How do their contrasting work styles and personalities lead to an unexpected romance?
  18. Write a story about a successful matchmaker who, ironically, struggles with their own love life. They encounter their most challenging client yet, and together, they unexpectedly find love.
  19. Create a romance between a dedicated police officer and a reformed criminal who are forced to work together on a community outreach program. How do their initial animosities transform into a genuine connection?
  20. Write a story about an experienced pilot and a fearful first-time flyer who meet on a turbulent flight. How do their subsequent chance encounters lead to a blossoming romance?
  21. Write a story about a renowned baker and a competitive food critic who must collaborate on a cookbook. How do their initial disagreements turn into a sweet and loving relationship?
  22. Create a romance between a detail-oriented editor and a free-spirited author who are brought together through a publishing deal. How do their contrasting personalities ultimately lead to love?
  23. Write a story about a workaholic hotel manager and a laid-back surfing instructor who must collaborate to create a new tourist attraction. How do their conflicting work ethics lead to romance?
  24. Develop a romance between a driven ballet dancer and a talented street dancer who are both cast in a unique dance production. How do their contrasting backgrounds and styles unite them in love?
  25. Write a story about a renowned fashion designer and an up-and-coming stylist who find themselves working together during a major fashion week. How do their initial rivalries transform into love?

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