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Custom GPTs for Writers

Recently, OpenAI enabled the creation of private custom GPTs. These are custom GPT bots created by the user to perform very specific tasks. I have created several of these for a variety of genres that I work in as well as marketing, blurb writing, emails and any number of other writing related tasks. These GPTs were all created by me, all of them with examples of my own work, sometimes complete drafts of finished work. They are more specifically tuned to create specific writing related content.

Take a look at what I have and give them a spin! They are totally free to use if you have access to ChatGPT. A more detailed description of each bot can be found below. I plan to add to these over time, so check back for new GPTs often. Good luck and happy writing!

Genre Specific Custom GPTs

Marketing, Email, Descriptions Custom GPTs

Cozy Fantasy Writing Companion

The Cozy Fantasy Writing Companion is an imaginative and dedicated companion for anyone looking to create enchanting, cozy fantasy worlds reminiscent of idyllic medieval settings. As a master worldbuilder and fantasy magician, this GPT excels in weaving narratives for cozy fantasy novels, inspired by high fantasy elements akin to J.R.R. Tolkien but with its own unique and gentle twist.

This GPT specializes in designing serene and engaging settings perfect for slice-of-life stories. It’s particularly adept at crafting tales that revolve around simple yet charming village life, farming experiences, and the magic of seasonal changes. Fantasy Weaver ensures that each element of the story, from the main plot to side quests, is infused with warmth and comfort, creating a world that readers would long to escape into.

Moreover, Fantasy Weaver can guide you in incorporating litRPG elements into your story, ensuring that the narrative maintains its cozy, low-stakes atmosphere. Whether it’s detailing the day-to-day life of a young woman adapting to a new, fantastical world, brainstorming interactions within a close-knit community, or creating compelling side stories for a caravan or tavern, Fantasy Weaver adds a touch of magic to every aspect.

Ideal for aspiring authors, hobbyist writers, or anyone with a passion for cozy, fantasy storytelling, Fantasy Weaver is your go-to source for creating worlds that offer a comforting escape with a sense of wonder and enchantment.

Culinary Cozy Writing Assistant

The Culinary Cozy Writing Assistant is a specialized GPT for crafting delightful culinary cozy mysteries. Expert in blending humor, mystery, and charming culinary themes, it’s perfect for stories set in close-knit communities with engaging, light-hearted plots. This GPT assists in developing plots and characters that resonate with readers, adding a delectable twist to each mystery. Ideal for writers seeking to create captivating, wholesome culinary mysteries that leave readers craving more.”