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Thanks for visiting this site! I write about creativity, AI, writing and storytelling. I offer a mix of how-to, inspiration, and philosophical thoughts on the topic of AI and creativity. I’m passionate about using AI as another tool in the creator’s toolbox and want to help others to do the same.

I’m also a fiction junkie. I read hundreds of books a year, and love fiction more than almost anything.

If you are looking for helpful tips and information, check out the Blog. The Resources page has a lot of helpful information on AI of all kinds.

About Nova

Nova Leigh is the Amazon bestselling author of the AI for Authors series. The latest in the series,”ChatGPT Fiction Prompt Bible” was released March of 2023. She writes about AI, creativity, learning and storytelling on her website and around the web. She also writes fiction under pen names.

Medium is one of the major places she writes, other than this blog and books. You can check out Nova’s Medium profile here.

Additionally, Nova is a digital artist and graphic designer. She is the creator of the Instagram account @aiartquotes.

Nova is an epiphany junky, a book & puzzle fiend, a futurist and mom. She’s passionate about helping people, learning and exploring, and the amazing possibilities on the horizon.

She lives in Austin, TX with her husband, son, and two crazy dogs.

Rights Inquiries

Rights are currently available in several languages and formats for all of my published work. Please send inquiries to

You can also find me on the following sites