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ChatGPT for Fiction Writing

ChatGPT for Fiction Writing by Nova Leigh cover

You know ChatGPT can write email campaigns and website copy. But what if I told you it could also help you write clever plot twists, breathtaking description, and witty dialog?

Even more importantly, what if it could help you get that manuscript finished and sold?

In ChatGPT for Fiction Writing, Nova Leigh—author of eleven published fiction books—shows you it can do these things and much more. Using dozens of real examples and over 100 prompts that you can use to get started immediately, she offers easy-to-understand instructions for using ChatGPT for every step of the fiction writing process. You will learn how to:

  • Brainstorm plot points, twists, character traits, dialog and more
  • Use a variety of well-known formulas to create detailed outlines
  • Develop realistic characters with backstory, goals, and motivations
  • Research for any type of fiction
  • Put it all together in drafts that shine
  • Create effective back of book copy, marketing materials, social media posts, newsletter content and more to get your stories sold

Whether you write urban fantasy, clean romance, thrillers, space opera, realistic historical fiction, or something in between, ChatGPT is a game-changer. Make sure you know how to use this incredible technology to create great fiction and take your writing to the next level. Get your copy of ChatGPT for Fiction Writing now and start writing better fiction faster!

ChatGPT for Fiction Writing is available exclusively on Amazon and is part of the Kindle Unlimited program.