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ChatGPT Fiction Prompt Bible

ChatGPT Fiction Prompt Bible

ChatGPT Fiction Prompt Bible includes over 500 prompts that you can use to get started writing fiction with ChatGPT right now!

You’ve heard ChatGPT can master email campaigns and website copy, but did you know it’s also your secret weapon for crafting enthralling plot twists, vivid descriptions, and engaging dialogue?

More importantly, it can be the key to finishing and selling that manuscript you’ve been working on!

In ChatGPT Fiction Prompt Bible, Amazon bestselling author Nova Leigh guides you through the world of AI-powered fiction writing. With over 500 actionable prompts covering both general processes as well as 10 popular genres, this comprehensive prompt bible gives you the tools to harness ChatGPT for every step of the fiction writing process.

Inside, you’ll find prompts to:

  • Brainstorm plot points, twists, character traits, dialogue, and more
  • Develop lifelike characters complete with backstory, goals, and motivations
  • Research efficiently for any fiction genre
  • Draft compelling stories that captivate readers
  • Home in on the genres you love

No matter what type of fiction you write, be it urban fantasy, clean romance, thrillers, space opera, or realistic historical fiction, ChatGPT can revolutionize your writing process. Don’t miss out on harnessing this incredible technology for creating exceptional fiction. Grab your copy of the ChatGPT Fiction Prompt Bible now to learn prompting, get inspiration, and get your projects finished!