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Prompt Engineering

woman working on a laptop, writing in a futuristic setting, created with midjourney

Midjourney Saved My Writing Career

It could save yours too. I’ve been writing fiction for a while now. I started taking it seriously around 2010, wrote a couple of bad books that are still wasting away in drawers because they are terrible. But eventually I got better and between 2012 and 2019 I published ten books, mostly romance and women’s fiction. Starting in 2020 I hit a major wall. The pandemic… Read More »Midjourney Saved My Writing Career

Enhance Prompts with Word Lists to Maximize ChatGPT Responses

Have you ever chatted with Chat GPT and wondered how it comes up with such interesting and diverse responses? Well, the secret lies in its natural language processing and machine learning abilities! Chat GPT can generate a wide range of responses to any given prompt, but did you know that you can also influence the types of responses it generates? Word lists give you the… Read More »Enhance Prompts with Word Lists to Maximize ChatGPT Responses